Hello- My name is Matt Jenkins from Dublin, Ohio.  Getting back into LEGO as an adult over the last few years has shown me that, indeed the possibilities with LEGO are endless!  My parents brought down a few bins of my old LEGO after I saw the LEGO Movie with my nephew in 2014... and well that's where the story begins..

My passion came back quickly, and with a vengeance...

What began as innocent tinkering, soon morphed into an idea on how I could fund and restart my LEGO hobby while generating some extra cash for my growing family.  I began designing and kitting Mini College Football and Baseball Stadiums in 2015 and have been selling them on Etsy.  To date, I have shipped over 6,000 Custom Model Stadium sets, and have a 5 star rating with over 700 customer reviews on Etsy!

Check it out-  https://www.etsy.com/shop/BLOCKStadiums

I was also featured in an espn.com article about my LEGO building stadium escapades.  (Bonus pic of me and my first daughter Gabriella holding a Mini LEGO Ohio Stadium)

Read it here! 


So why LEGO Fighter Jets?

I have always loved fighter jets- and some of my best childhood memories involve going to the Cleveland Air Show with my Dad.  I want to make awesome LEGO jets for all, and I am very excited about the potential of BLOCKJets.  I hope you like these models and please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments or requests.