How to Upload your XML file and Order from

Go to

Click Log in or Register to sign up- it is free to create an account and use bricklink


Click Create account

Follow the next prompts to create a username and password

Log into bricklink with your username and password

Hover over the Want heart icon- and select Upload


Click Upload Bricklink XML format

You can upload to the Default Wanted List, Create a New Wanted List, or add it to any current open Wanted Lists you may have

Next- Open your XML text file, select All text to copy, then paste it into the text box.

Next- Click Proceed to verify items button.  As shown above, items from your XML file will be uploaded to our default wanted list.

The next page that open shows the LEGO parts required to complete your build.  Here you can edit quantity- let’s say you already have a couple of the slope curved 2x2, you can edit down the quantity from 18 to however many you’ll need.  On the far right you can also click the exclude checkbox for a certain part- which will delete from your wanted list.  For instance if you already have 4 1x4 tiles, click exclude and this will delete it from your wanted list on the next page. 

When you’re ready, scroll down and click Add to Wanted List button at the bottom of the page to complete your wanted list.


Great Success!  - Now Click View Default Wanted List

The Wanted list page opens- and here you can update quantities again if need be, you can also sort, add or delete LEGO pieces as needed. 

When you're ready- click the Buy All green button

The buy page opens- and here is where you can find purchase options.  Basically this is a list of “stores” that have the LEGO pieces on your wanted list.  Each store may not have all of them- but when you click Auto- Select- bricklink runs an algorithm to find you the best total cost for your wanted list.  There are a few filters, but the most important is Store Location.  I reside in the USA- so I would prefer to buy from a Store Location in my country- so I choose USA.

Click Auto- Select. 

A text box appears- Click Start

In this case- Bricklink has found 1 store in the US that has all pieces required for my Mini B-2 set.  At this point you can click edit to view your list, or remove to start over.  Total for parts is $9.38. 

Click Create carts

Click Proceed to Checkout

The final checkout page appears- here you can read the individual’s store terms and conditions.

Once you click Agree and Continue- the items will be reserved for you and you will be obligated to purchase them.

That’s it!  You’re all done!  Most stores calculate shipping on site, and you can pay via paypal on site as well.  It is a fairly seamless ordering process from bricklink.  I place hundreds of bricklink orders a year, and have not run into any major issues.  Buy with confidence!  The stores are well-run, mostly by LEGO fans who are just looking to sell some excess LEGO they have.

Hope this guide helps-

Please feel free to email me with any questions

Thanks  -Matt Jenkins

Also check out the Official Help Guide from Bricklink if you have any questions.